Soul-sick and Lonely for Climbing Girlfriend

I am:

5'4" 25 year old, straight Scot-Irish Female who climbs 5.10 outside (with 5.11 upgrade in gym). Lead ability, safe and reliable belay, willing to rope gun or project with appropriate partner. Although I have yet to lead my first traditional climb, I am interested and willing to learn (or follow anything). I work at the Bremerton Vertical World, so partner must have flexible schedule with either weekend or weekdays off. Will travel anywhere to climb. I also run, kayak, hike, mountaineer, and travel. I am gay friendly.

Looking for:

Female climbing partner around same ability (5.10 to 5.11) who also uses climbing as an escape from "real" life. Laid back and reliable personality, willing to talk about life but not make drama out of it and also gets along better with males rather than most females, but is tired of it and is looking for a change.

Please respond if interested. If we feel appropriately matched, I will climb with you for life.